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Xavier Brown

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About Xavier

Xavier Brown is a driven, passionate actor and screenwriter from Oakland, CA. As a child he participated in an improv class and discovered a love for storytelling through acting. His dedication led him to his dream school: UCLA. At UCLA T.F.T. he, with classmate Scott Warren, created a film company: Magnum Opus Media. Xavier writes and portrays non-racialized stories told through the lens of people of color. He’s been cast in main-stage UCLA productions, Hair (2021) as Hud, Pericles (2022) as Lysimachus, and Into the Woods (2023) as Rapunzel’s Prince. His passion extends to cooking, history, and basketball. Activism and community engagement is also a huge part of his art and life. In June 2020 he organized and led a protest in Oakland, which drew over 15,000 people as a memorial to George Floyd. He participated in panels and interviews focusing on systemic inequalities faced by Black and Brown lives for outlets including The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, The Washington Post, and Instagram. Xavier prioritizes depicting activism through film, his clothing line, BRIGHTSIDE, and his music under the moniker, X the Savant. He hopes that through his art, he can help foster a better informed and loving world, inspiring generations.

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