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Scott Warren

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About Scott

Equal parts anime lover and music enthusiast, Scott Warren (he/him/his) is a multi-passionate artist who refuses to limit his creative work to one box.

A dedicated, hardworking actor here at UCLA, Scott is also a poet and rapper who enjoys writing for both the big and small screen. He’s especially excited about the upcoming launch of Magnum Opus Media, a production/film company he and a fellow TFT classmate founded, committed to portraying and producing non-racialized stories told through the lens of minorities. 

Scott has worked as a production assistant on DC/WB Studio’s “The Flash” and Marvel Studio’s “Guardians of the Galaxy 3”. Gaining experience behind the camera as well as in front. 

He’s a classically trained actor who acted in UCLA’s stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Pericles as the character, Helicanus. He was also a lead in TFT’s production of SuperAmerica; a brand new play, written by UCLA MFA Student, Malick Ceesay, and directed by Bruce Lemon Jr. He played the character of, Lamin, a famous rap star whose trying to make his way back to the top after going broke due to label problems. 

Scott is looking forward to graduating college with his cohort this year and continuing to create meaningful artistic work!

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