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Meet the Class MT


Watch our Showcase in its entirety below.  

You can also meet each actor by clicking on their headshots below.

00:00:00 “Hear My Song” - Company
00:03:05 “Good n’ Evil” - Marlee Breen Tierney
00:05:26 “Love is My Legs” - Melissa Ramondelli & Ian Gibson
00:08:33 “Where the Booth Goes Bright” - Cole Sisser
00:09:46 “Not Yet” - Marisa Moenho
00:10:51 “I’m Alive” - Tobias Echeverria
00:12:13 “Way Ahead of My Time” - Wyatt Larrabee
00:14:07 “So Far From Pennsylvania” - Zoe Shyngle
00:15:42 “Here We Go Again” - Melissa Ramondelli
00:17:16 “Come to Your Senses” - Tiffany To
00:18:49 “Good Thing You Can’t Read My Mind” - Ava Litchfield
00:20:06 “It Just Wasn’t Meant to Happen” - Wyatt Larrabee
00:21:36 “Sister’s Pickle” - Franca Rosenblatt
00:22:44 “Somebody Else” - EJ Chen
00:24:48 “I Love the Way” - Marlee Breen Tierney & EJ Chen


00:27:45 “So in Love” - Julia Prudencio
00:29:57 “I Loved You Too Much” - Ian Gibson
00:31:32 “Just One Step” - Maize Voss
00:33:00 “I’ve Got Rhythm” - Lauren Stevens
00:35:17 “I Can Cook Too” - Zoe Shyngle
00:36:50 “Darryl Is A Boy” - Tiffany To
00:38:28 “You’re Easy to Dance With” - Cole Sisser
00:39:57 “What More Can I Say” - Maize Voss
00:41:32 “Bluebird” - Ava Litchfield
00:43:13 “Bring Me Some Water” - Franca Rosenblatt
00:44:23 “Bring On the Men” - Julia Prudencio
00:45:53 “Music and the Mirror” - Tiffany To
00:46:26 “A Little Bit Less Than” - Lauren Stevens
00:48:08 “Beautiful City” - Tobias Echeverria
00:50:17 “Once I Thought” - Marisa Moenho
00:51:48 Tribute to Peggy Hickey
00:52:42 “Up” - Company


To connect with our actors, send a message directly using the email listed on their personal page.


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