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Mazie Voss

Demo Reel
About Mazie

Mazie Voss (She/her) is a magnificent multi-faceted trans powerhouse of music and performance. In association with UCLA’s School of Theater Film and Television, Mazie brought her unique talents to the stage as Diego / Featured Instrumentalist in The Rover , Farrah the Fairy / Fight Captain in She Kills Monsters (Dir. Bruce Lemon Jr.), and as one of the Manson Trio in Pippin (Dir. Corey Wright). Mazie has also been a big part of UCLA’s new work scene, originating the roles of Sofia in Brianna Barret’s Still Harvey Still (Dir. Alana Dietze), Slatch / Fight Choreographer for Sharty, Sandy in Koenig and Cook’s new musical Myth of the Mountain (Dir. Dan Belzer), and Eva in Blaire Battle’s Transient Bliss, which is currently in the process of being turned into a radio play. Outside of her time on the stage, Mazie has kept stories and songs at the heart of her work: from sound designing shows for the local shakespeare company, to mixing an orchestra for TFT’s production of Into the Woods, to winning the award for best choreography at the ICCA Semifinals 2019, to practicing her skills as a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and audio producer. 

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