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Magenta Rose Brown

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Demo Reel
About Magenta

In addition to being a Blues Clues character, a Rocky Horror character, and an essential printer cartridge, the hue we know to be Magenta is also the name of Magenta Rose Brown (she/ her) actress, writer, and producer. 

Magenta has been creating, acting in, and producing stories since she was a little girl filming commercials for her parent’s business in her backyard.

This past fall Magenta produced and starred in a self-written comedy Alex^4. She recently finished producing and directing another self-written work Old, New, Borrowed, Blue. Magenta is the producer of the UCLA Acting Showcase 2023.

During her time at UCLA TFT, she appeared in both the mainstage Shakespeare productions, as Dionyza in Pericles directed by Michael Hackett, and Cassandra in Troilus and Cressida directed by Royal Shakespeare Company’s Rob Clare. 

She has appeared as the lead in multiple short films across Los Angeles with graduate and undergraduate UCLA film students, to Chapman’s Dodge College, and beyond.

In her work, she is passionate about humanity in storytelling, highlighting strong female characters, and making our world bearable with laughter. She is a firm believer in creating your own work and I can guarantee she has the most colorful name you will ever hear.

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