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Liam Duryea

Demo Reel
About Liam

Liam Duryea (he/him) is an honest and driven actor, whose performances range from severe to playful. He has performed in many staged performances, including his starring role as Brick in The Tennessee Williams Project, a project curated by Sylvia Abhrams, as well as the UCLA school of Theater, Film, and Television’s Fall 2022 Mainstage performance of Antigone portraying the character of Haimon. During The covid-years Liam spent time on digital projects, including a leading role in a feature length student film titled Pretty Girls Like Sandwiches directed by Leon Jones and also starred in an Eli Hauser’s radio play Muse. This year, Liam was hard at work rehearsing for a play written by Lucy Urbano titled “Cassiopeia8000” which premiered in March!

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