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Gia Blakey

Demo Reel
About Gia

With a powerful presence but heartfelt aura, Gia Blakey knows how to capture any audience. During her college career, Gia jumped from set to set every month and gradually fell deeper in love with the process of storytelling. Notable ventures include UCLA Thesis Pilot The Ladies and UCLA Student Film Honor Council. Gia also performed in the LA Opera Eurydice Festival at the Hammer Museum, and in her senior year, led the UCLA Mainstage play SuperAmerica! With a passion for video editing, she created her own video series for UCLA’s FEM Magazine highlighting influential women throughout history. She also made One Direction video edits and fanfiction from ages 12-15. (It was just a phase. But Niall was her favorite). When Gia’s not behind the camera, she is unintentionally burning cookies in the oven or tumbling across a gymnastics floor. Gia has an insatiable hunger for creation, and is always striving to tell the stories she wishes she saw during her adolescence. Keep an eye out for Gia’s leading roles in the upcoming web series, Backseat, and UCLA Thesis Film, You Tell Me!

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