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Elliyah Banks

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Demo Reel
About Elliyah

Elliyah Banks is a ball of energy, that light that just won’t go out. With her keen observation and strong athletic, competitive background she is sure to be a force. During her time at UCLA, she participated in the LA Opera Eurydice Festival in Quad I and II, and in her senior year she originated and played the lead in SuperAmerica. Some other credits include She Kills Monsters and choreography roles for Sweet Charity and In the Heights. She also trained in a variety of combat classes including Aikido, Boxe Savate, and general combat for Film & Television. When Elliyah isn’t performing she’s probably somewhere dancing, most definitely dancing, eating donuts or anything with truffle, and admiring any mountain/elevation, since she hails from South Florida. Elliyah aims to be the change and representation she wants to see while creating as much impact as possible. Fun fact: She sleeps with her eyes open, so watch out for this bursting star.

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