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Anabela Nguyen

Anabela Nguyen_Headshot.jpg
Demo Reel
About Anabela

Anabela Nguyen is a queer non-binary actor who loves to bite into the flesh of their roles. Anabela was ecstatic to take on the role of Savage in Highball Media’s Savage in Limbo, where they got to leave the character raw and naked before audiences in a coffeehouse-turned-bar. Eager for another challenge, they’ve recently been in Jean Paul Sartre’s No Exit as Inez. Sartre may have concluded that “hell is other people,” but Anabela disagrees. For them, there’s nothing more electrifying than splaying out a character’s humanity onstage. They’re a fan of the bare bones, which was why they can be found in The Hammer’s version of Quad. In collaboration with the LA Opera, Anabela provided percussion and was a swing actor for this Beckett classic. A lover of the Alexander Technique, Anabela is currently training to get certified. Other productions include Antigone, Mud, Tissue of Lies, and Witty Woman

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