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This showcase would not have been possible without each and every individual who supported us along the way. To the powerhouse team of students and faculty who have helped create this showcase, to all of our donors, and to every family member and friend who has supported us -- thank you!

Student Production Team 

Executive Producer: Marlee Tierney

Associate Producer: Tiffany To 

Production Manager: Mazie Voss 

Finance Manager: Melissa Ramondelli 

Marketing Manager: Wyatt Larrabee


Student Artistic Team 

Directors: Ava Litchfield and Marisa Moenho 
Music Directors: Tobias Echeverria and Ian Gibson 
Choreographers: Franca Rosenblatt and Cole Sisser

Student Designers + Crew

Stage Manager: Yua Watanabe 
Assistant Stage Manager: Antonia Yang
Lighting Designer: Rowan Smity 
Audio Lead: Austin
Production Audio Assistant: Winter Hagstrom

TFT Faculty/Department Support

Showcase Director: Tal Fox 
Faculty House Manager: Dan Belzer
Showcase Head: Emily Mellman
Showcase Head: Thai Sukrachan 
Tech: Christina Vacchiano
Interim Dean: Brian Kite 
Department of Theater Chair: J.Ed Araiza

 Special Thanks To

Website Designer: Mary Alex Daniels 
Accompanists: Casey Comstock Mills and Dan Belzer
Photographer: Preju Kanuparthy
Videographers: Grace Larey


And special thanks to all the TFT Musical Theater and Acting faculty for all your training and guidance throughout our time in the Ray Bolger Musical Theater program. 

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