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Our deepest gratitude and thanks to everyone who made this showcase a possibility! As the first in-person showcase since 2019, we are so thankful to our faculty, mentors, friends, families, donors, and everyone involved who made this happen. 

Come meet us and see us perform at UCLA’s In-Person Actor’s Showcase!

Thank you for your support and come see us perform in person at UCLA’s Little Theater on April 26th at 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Reception to follow!

Artistic Team 

Producer: Magenta Rose Brown
Website Designer: Mary Alex Daniels
Photographer: Makela Yepez

TFT Faculty

Interim Dean: Brian Kite
Acting Department Chair: J. Ed Ariza
Marketing Coordinator: Emily Mellman
Director of Production: Christina Vacchiano

Showcase Head: Thai Sukrachen
Scene Coach: Judith Moreland
Showcase Mentor: Jennifer Chang

Showcase Advisor: Mark Measures
Additional Advisors: Kate Schott & Michael Bauer


And special thanks to all the TFT Acting Faculty for their training, support, and guidance throughout our time in the UCLA Acting program.


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